Old-Fashioned Paper and Ink

I love books, real books. With paper and ink I can smell the dust and touch the pages that are many years older than me. Something special happens when I choose a book off the shelves and open it to see the the marks of ink. Something special happens when I can touch the cover and smell the pages.

I will admit my secret: I own a Kindle. Yes, it is true what they say about it being so much more convenient to carry an e-reader around. Although it is not at all convenient when it runs out of battery and I’m forced to read next to an outlet—if I actually have my charger with me! Given the choice, I would much rather read from a physical book.

For me, stories are far more magical when they come from old-fashioned paper and ink.

Join me on an adventure that is sure to provide interest as I:

  • read and review books
  • share interesting and memorable quotes
  • keep tabs on the moving revolution of paper and ink
  • review my pet peeves in grammar
  • learn about the work of a writer
  • look for information about publishing
  • continue my own writing ambitions
  • and anything else that expresses the brilliance of words and stories

I think language is an amazing thing, and I hope that this blog will spur on others to find wonder in stories and words as well.


5 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned Paper and Ink”

  1. I’m excited to read from this blog! I love physical book too but to me, ebooks are so much more convenient to carry around, etc. Cheaper too. But that definitely does not stop me from buying actual books (trust me). Also, for some reason I read ebooks much faster.


    1. Thanks! I’ve noticed I can sometimes read ebooks faster as well, but I also forget their story easier or having a harder time keeping the ebooks separate. Do you notice yourself having a harder time remembering ebooks over regular print books?

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      1. I haven’t thought about that, I don’t think that’s the case for me. Also, I find it easier to take notes and highlight certain passages on my tablet than with an actual book for book reviews. So I can read over my notes if I forgeth things or I’m gettin ready to pick up the next book in a series.


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