Review: Go Ahead & Like It

Go Ahead & Like It by Jacqueline Suskin presents a photographic journey of making “lists of likes,” arguing for and exemplifying the practice. Designed like a scrapbook, this artful book shows how anyone can make a list whenever, wherever—on the back of a receipt, on a napkin, on a post-it note, on an envelope.

Suskin argues that making these simple lists of likes, which often focus on the ordinary things of life, helps us gain appreciation for life, enjoy life, and recognize the intrinsic good things around us.

Although she doesn’t seem to argue from a biblical perspective, this idea undoubted is Christian–it’s just instead of simply liking something, I would also thank God, realizing that all good things do come from him.

Suskin also explains that these lists can also serve as ways to engage with others around us, sharing lists so that we get to know one another in an immediate and intimate way.

Go Ahead & Like It is a quick read, full of pictures and interesting lists to get you excited to write your own.

So, here on this weeknight, I do present my lists of likes, my thanks to God:

  • I like little voices that struggle to say my name
  • I like summer night breezes
  • I like the smell of printing presses
  • I like reading books outside
  • I like my recently-vacuumed mats in my car
  • I like hot showers
  • I like how my hair looks when it’s wet
  • I like the smell of coffee shops
  • I like walking into a bookstore, touching the covers, and flipping the books open
  • I like crappachinos (the leftovers from the real cappachinos)
  • I like London Fog tea
  • I like running outside at dusk

FTC disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this unbiased review. Thanks Blogging for Books and Ten Speed Press!


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