Book Review: The Fold

The Fold by Peter Clines is a sci-fi book that frightens in the first chapter, fascinates and hooks in the second chapter, reveals huge twists in the middle, but dries out during the final portion.

The Fold took an sci-fi ideal that could be cliche, but Clines transformed it and revealed a surprising twist. Unfortunately, as it further developed, I eventually cared less and less about the characters until I didn’t care about them at all. They could live or die — I didn’t care much anymore.

However, I’m not ready to completely knock the book because the beginning truly did scare me, which is hard to do. I was interested all the way to the middle, but then the last third of the book was just disappointing. But, if sci-fi is a genre you enjoy, Peter Clines’ The Fold might be a great book for you.

Please note, this book had some inappropriate material and strong language.

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this unbiased review.


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