A strange library? More like Haruki Marukami’s strange, yet brillant, mind.

A library with a scary old man, a creepy basement room, and a labyrinth of tunnels. A man clothed in sheepskin, a mute girl who still speaks, and a terrifying black dog with frightening eyes.

The Strange Library by Haruki Marukami has all this and much more whimsical, fantastical scenes showcased within a sinister plots.

This was the first piece of literature I had read of Haruki Marukami, and, trust me, his writing is top-notch. For The Strange Library, the actual diction and syntax begins simply, but even that is fitting because it is told within the perspective of an adolescent boy. He has simple prose that’s meaningful and interesting dialogue that draws the reader in.

This review is particularly difficult for me to write because through I finished this short book within two days, I was surprised and confused for days after.

I’m confused because the end of the book wasn’t much of a resolution.

It left me wondering—wondering about the mysticism, the symbolism, and what Haruki Marakumi meant by writing this story. Was it simply his imagination, perhaps a dream? Or was deep meaning and real issues woven throughout the story?

It’s my assumption that, at the very least, The Strange Library provides commentary about the importance of human interaction, but certainly it must mean so much more.

The Strange Library is a quick read, amusing, and left me wondering.

Read it and tell me what you think.

I plan on reading more of Haruki Marukami’s work, although I’m hoping that his other pieces provide more resolution and less questions and confusion.


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