Senior year studies


I always forget how busy the school semester is — until I’m fighting to swim upstream through the downhill current of readings and writing assignments, and the occasional exam.

For this specific semester, I’m juggling Brothers Karamazov with Stephen King short stories, Shakespeare plays—comedies, histories, and tragedies—along with analyzing rhetorical tools and literary devices while writing arguments and fictional pieces.

It’s busy, but I know that when the semester ends, I’ll miss this time and the homework, stressful though it may be. I like to be pushed to study classical literature and pushed to write, even when I don’t feel like it.

When I’m busy working, I sometimes forget to read, to study, to learn. College is a special time, set aside to learn and grow.

Hopefully I’ll try to remember that as I read through the endless pages and write through the endless assignments.

It’s senior year! Eight more months!

(and that’s only a few of the books I have this semester…it’s many more!)


2 thoughts on “Senior year studies”

    1. The Craft of Research is for my Intro to Rhetoric class, although the college is changing the class to encompass research writing and argumentative writing in addition to rhetoric. So, in addition to Craft of Research, we have two other books on rhetoric and reasoning. I haven’t read that much of the Craft of Research yet, but so far it seems pretty straight forward and helpful.

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