So much homework! Has our society put too much value on it?

I enjoy school … I really do. But today’s Monday, and there’s a lot to be read and a lot to be written and little time to do any of it.

Today I need to finish:

  • reading some flash fiction
  • reading a short story by Stephen King
  • reading some of Dostoevsky’s Brother Karamazov
  • reading some of Frank’s The Mantle of a Prophet
  • writing a flash fiction piece
  • watching a TED talk and writing a response

It’s stuff I enjoy—for the most part—but it’s still a lot and will keep me up late.

But at least I’m in the last year to get my bachelor’s.

Check out Karl Taro Greenfeld’s article “My Daughter’s Homework Is Killing Me.” Makes me wonder if maybe, just maybe we put too much value on studying at the expense of other things, like time with family and friends.

Read the article and tell me. What do you think?


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