We Were Liars–it’s all in the title


This post includes spoilers, so if YA and tragedy is your thing, read the book before finishing this post.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart has the great trope of the unreliable narrator. Even with the hint of the title, even with the repetition of the word “lies” and “liar,” I looked and looked for the twist, for the lie, but I never suspected the truth.

Cadence’s friends are dead but she’s alive.

All the weird things suddenly made sense at that realization. Why would her parents and her to Europe rather than letting her go back to see her friends?
Why did she never hear from them?

They’re gone.

And Lockhart does such a fantastic job of letting us get to know the group of friends, the Liars as a whole, that when we find out they’re gone, it hurts. Her pain is our pain.

The unreliable narrator is nothing new, but Lockhart used this technique fantastically well.

Go back and read it, or even read it for the first time. Look for the clues, see how the story unfolds and leads past the lies to the truth, tragic though it be.


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