Review: The Painter’s Daughter

Genre: Christian Fiction


I stayed up all night reading The Painter’s Daughter, Julie Klassen’s most recent masterpiece.

Klassen is famous for her Christian regency romance novels, and Klassen does not disappoint in The Painter’s Daughter.

Although marriage of convenience romances have been written before, Klassen provides a unique one in this story. It’s heartwarming and compelling to see love bloom between Sophie and Stephen.

But it’s not all rosy. And until the very end, I kept wondering, who will Sophie pick? Stephen or Wesley?

This novel portrays family relationships, the difficulties, deceit, and hurt that happens even within families. But it also shows how families can be redeemed and that there is hope for good relations with family members.

I’ve been a fan of Klassen for a couple years now, but prior to this novel, my favorite had always been The Maid of Fairbourne Hall. But, it now has to compete with Klassen’s most recent, The Painter’s Daughter.

FTC disclaimer: I received an ebook review copy of The Painter’s Daughter in exchange for an unbiased review.

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