Review: Dangerous

Genre: YA Sci Fi


In Shannon Hale’s Dangerous, the heroine, Maisie Danger Brown, has an artificial arm and the dream of being an astronaut. She wins a free ticket to summer astronaut camp, and she does so well that she a few select other students are allowed to go out on a special trip to space. But there the unthinkable happens her and the other teens are exposed to alien technology. Maisie Danger Brown and her cohorts will have to work together to stop–what? This question will keep you paging through, flipping as fast as you can to find out what the predators actually are.

Dangerous is nothing like her Hale’s Goose Girl, yet even without the fantastical setting and princesses, Dangerous still engages her readers in this different genre. Maisie Brown is a strong character from the beginning, but she develops throughout the book, growing more responsible and strong. When a heavy weight is placed upon her, she bears it well.

Dangerous presents one of the strongest pulls that any story can: the need to keep one’s family and friends safe.

But there were some places where Dangerous fell flat.

The beginning was a little slow, and though astronaut camp was somewhat interesting, it didn’t compare to the tension later on. The portrayal of the crush and teen love was a little ridiculous, immature, and over the top. Potentially on purpose to show how Maisie matures, but still, it was perhaps too immature in the beginning. The other problem I had was that the monster at the end just didn’t seem that scary. Maybe it was because I couldn’t picture it, but it just didn’t scare me as much as I wanted it to.

[Unfortunately, this book was borrowed from the local library and read mostly in 2015, so it doesn’t apply to any of my reading challenges.]

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