Review: Cold Shot

Author: Dani Pettrey

Genre: Christian Fiction – Romantic Suspense

Stars: 3.5


Cold Shot is a novel about Griffin McCray, a park ranger with a past police department career, and Finley Scott, a forensic anthropologist. When skeletal remains are uncovered, Griffin and Finley start working together to solve the case. But the mystery continues to grow larger, and Griffin’s interesting past seems more and more complicated as his past college roommates come into the picture.

As a Christian romantic suspense novel, Cold Shot fits the typical stereotype of the genre—guy and girl work case together, girl is in danger, guy keeps her safe, they solve the case, catch the bad guy, and fall in love.

Cold Shot could be just that—but it’s more. Dani Pettrey filled the book with so much tension and mystery that I was flipping pages long into the night, finishing the book in a mere two days.

Griffin and his past are intriguing, more than the actual case. Pettrey reveals the nightmares that torment Griffin—can Finley take the nightmares away? Will Griffin be able to forgive himself? His friendships with his college buddies have gone bad—Griffin had abandoned the friendships—but when they all get stuck together to work a case, there’s hope of possible reconciliation.

The side characters of Declan and Parker (two of Griffin’s college buddies) are engaging, interesting, and developed. As Cold Shot is only the first book in the Chesapeake Valor series, there’s hope that they’ll be featured and further developed in their own novels.

The only problem with the story–the actual mystery and case lost my interest the further I got through the book. The characters, their development, and their relationships were fun and interesting, but the actual case they’re trying to solve didn’t hold my interest. Then again, maybe I’m just not patient enough for interrogations and case-related details.

If you’re looking for a Christian romantic suspense novel, I would definitely recommend Cold Shot by Dani Pettrey.

FTC disclaimer: I received a free electronic copy of this novel from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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