Poetry: Life’s Storms and The Leap

Here’s some poetry I wrote for the following prompts:

Day 1: water, haiku, simile

Life’s Storms

Radiant rainstorms
Crushing, growing, like sorrow
Of the hurting world.

Day 4: animal, concrete, enjambment

The Leap poem

I’m participating when I can in the Daily Post’s “Writing 201: Poetry” course. Click here for more info about it! 


Rainer Maria Rilke’s Poetry

A few years back a friend presented me with a poetry collection titled The Book of Images written by Rainer Marie Rilke and translated by Edward Snow. Being mostly unacquainted with poetry at this time, I opened the pages with trepidation. I read a few of my friend’s favorite poems in the collection and gained a lasting appreciation for Rilke’s work.

Rilke uses clear language to softly make the readers aware of a heavy point. Rilke allows the imagination and mind to play with the underlying meaning of the poem while also providing clear pictures to hook the reader. Continue reading “Rainer Maria Rilke’s Poetry”