Review: Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy

Dinty W. Moore amuses and instructs in the book Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy.

The wit, humor, and sarcasm of Moore makes this small book a success.

I read most of it in an airplane ride, and it made me laugh and smile while I would have been otherwise bored and sulking.

This small book includes twenty questions from famous writers and twenty responsive essays by Dinty Moore. The topics include a little bit of everything—even a cannibal cameo from the famous essayist Montaigne.

Although many are more traditional essays, the book also includes essays that push against the normal form of an essay. There’s an essay written on napkins, an essay that uses Google Maps, and an essay composed entirely of Facebook posts.

If you’re a writer, Moore’s book includes helpful advice, and just down-right funny things you can relate to.

Moore can take something like the em dash, and  in a humorous essay actually show how it’s useful and how it’s harmful. Nothing is a dry matter for Moore.

And even if you’re not a writer, I’d imagine it would still be an interesting book.

A couple of my favorite essays in the book are:

  • “Dash It All”
  • “Have You Learned Your Lesson, Amigo?”
  • “Why I Trained My Dog to Post”
  • “Clogged and Stupid and Weary”

I did enjoy this book; however, there were numerous times when Moore’s humor was too crass and inappropriate for my taste. Read with care.

FTC Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.


Creative Nonfiction

The Bestiary of People We Know and Love and Hate, is scheduled for publication in April!

And I’m writing a chapter of this creative nonfiction compilation!

It’s about the people we come in contact with throughout our lives, highlighting those with interesting qualities.

Are you confused about the genre of creative nonfiction? Lee Gutkind describes it as “true stories told well.”Check out more info about creative nonfiction in Gutkind’s article.

I’m submitting my second draft of my chapter this afternoon!

Check back for more info, and like the Facebook page!

Poetry: Life’s Storms and The Leap

Here’s some poetry I wrote for the following prompts:

Day 1: water, haiku, simile

Life’s Storms

Radiant rainstorms
Crushing, growing, like sorrow
Of the hurting world.

Day 4: animal, concrete, enjambment

The Leap poem

I’m participating when I can in the Daily Post’s “Writing 201: Poetry” course. Click here for more info about it! 

I Write Like…

Have you ever wondered who you write like?

Critique Circle shares a bunch of writer tools on their Facebook page, and a few days ago they shared a a link to a fun text analyzer that they found. It’s gratifying to be told you write like someone famous. It might not be accurate, but it’s fun nevertheless… Continue reading “I Write Like…”

The Poetry Handbook

A Poetry HandbookFor most of my life, the very idea of poetry scared me. A lot.

I remember a time in elementary school when I had to write a poem. I struggled to write 6 lines. Thankfully I don’t remember what I actually wrote but it barely resembled poetry, if it did at all.

As I grew I continued to play with words and gained some knowledge about writing poetry. I gained an appreciation for poetry through many literature courses, and eventually I found myself in a “Creative Writing: Poetry” class. One of the required books was The Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver. Continue reading “The Poetry Handbook”