Feeling Like a Kid

Feeling Like a KidFeeling Like a Kid: Childhood and Children’s Literature has captured my heart.

The eye-catching cover and overall design of Feeling Like a Kid deserves special attention. Scanning through the shelves of an academic library, I chose this book purely on the basis of its art. With thick pages, a pleasing format, and beautiful illustrations from classic children’s books, Feeling Like a Kid has captured the wonder of old-fashioned paper and ink. Continue reading “Feeling Like a Kid”


Old-Fashioned Paper and Ink

I love books, real books. With paper and ink I can smell the dust and touch the pages that are many years older than me. Something special happens when I choose a book off the shelves and open it to see the the marks of ink. Something special happens when I can touch the cover and smell the pages.

I will admit my secret: I own a Kindle. Yes, it is true what they say about it being so much more convenient to carry an e-reader around. Although it is not at all convenient when it runs out of battery and I’m forced to read next to an outlet—if I actually have my charger with me! Given the choice, I would much rather read from a physical book. Continue reading “Old-Fashioned Paper and Ink”